“Wendy, As a beginner I had a wonderful 2-days with you learning about colour; As an “advanced” student, I found the follow-up two days of colour gave me a new confidence and my art a professional look. I enjoyed the classes enormously and found your abundance of knowledge priceless. Thank you.”

Kay Simpson

“I would like to thank you very much for an enjoyable two day colour workshop. The course was efficiently run and well structured, I found it innovative and the principles learnt have certainly proved to be beneficial in my subsequent paintings. I’m looking forward to the next workshop.”

Gill Campion

“The very best class I’ve ever taken—everything I had hoped for and more. Many thanks.”

Liz O’Connor
McGregor School, USQ

“As a Hairdresser and Makeup Artist I attended Wendy’s 2 day “back to basics” colour course for some inspiration. It gave me a new look on how to incorporate colours together. I have now incorporated the colour wheel concept into my training classes. Thanks for the injection of colour I needed.”

Andrea King

“I loved Wendy’s workshop and I was thrilled when the first painting I put up for sale was sold within the first hour.”

Dianna Hamilton

“Wendy List imparts her knowledge of disciplined creativity in a most professional manner. Her personal approach to art is innovative and structured.”

Marilyn Peck
Internationally Renowned Miniaturist

“I was most impressed with Wendy’s knowledge and method of teaching. Th colour wheels she created were of a totally professional standard. I greatly admire the manner in which she conducts her workshops. ”

Sierra-Sue Mitchell
Cutter’s Art

“I found Wendy List’s Gilding Workshop very informative, giving me lots of ideas on how to use various types of gold leaf. The knowledge gained and the ease and thoroughness of her teaching made the workshop a real delight.”

Terry Swann

“Wendy’s step by step approach made the fine art of gilding, very accessible. It was a fun day that added something special to my tool kit.”

Leone Connable
Tweed River Art Gallery

“I thoroughly enjoyed my class with you and thank you whole-heartedly for that wonderful experience, you’re a great teacher and I absolutely loved my time in your class. I wish you well for your future classes and my thoughts will be with you and the lucky students.”

Cynthia Phillips

“I always wanted to participate at your Gold Leaf Workshop. Now I wonder why I waited for so long. Your ability to explain and demonstrate and make everything looking so easy is great and made the workshop a pleasure. I developed from a clumsy student to a confident gilder in just one day. I was amazed what you can learn in such a short time. Now I am hooked. Thank you for opening this golden world to me. You are a marvellous teacher.”

Sylvie Amerstorfer

“Wendy’s one day gilding course was the most comprehensive learning I had achieved after attending many courses on gilding previously. She explained and demonstrated clearly each step of the process and I have continued to use the techniques taught on many occasions since. It is her passion for her craft that makes the course so enjoyable and she gives freely of her knowledge.”

Vanessa Crisp

“Thank you for unlocking the mysteries of colour.”

Glenda Semple