Colour workshops impart the basic principles of colour mixing and theory to art students, helping them create harmonious and cohesive paintings through confident use of colour.


2-Day (Beginners) colour workshop

This 2-day workshop introduces the student to the theory and practice of colour and colour mixing. The workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students, or anyone who would like a good basic understanding of colour and the theory that is the basis of successful colour expression. It applies to mediums of any kind, though the class will be taught in gouache.
This workshop covers:

  • The Colour Wheel
  • The Limited Palette
  • Properties of Colour
  • Complementary Colours
  • Related Colours
  • Creating Harmonious Colour Schemes
  • The Tonal Scale

2-Day (Advanced) colour workshop

This workshop further develops the principles taught in the beginners workshop, and covers:

  • Exploring Darks
  • The Green Palette
  • Colour Reactions

6-Day colour workshop

The 6-day workshop is presently held at McGregor Art School, USQ Toowoomba, but can be arranged at other venues. This workshop provides students with an extended course, going into more detail and allowing the students to bring along their own work and practice with their own mediums.


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