The $10,000 Border Art Prize/Gold Coast City Gallery

If you are on the Gold Coast, make sure you go to the Gallery and have a look at the Border Art Prize exhibition.  Many of the most talented of the hundreds of Artists living and working on the Gold Coast have put countless hours into producing the beautiful works on show.  My own work “Golden Towers” which features the Gold Coast buildings in watercolour with 23 ct gold leaf highlights, is hanging  on the foyer ramp at the front of the Gallery.  It will be interesting to see which of the paintings the judges choose as this year’s winner.   $10,000 is on the table!

New shapes and sizes from potter .. using new colours

In response to requests for Pet Eternal Urns my potter has made some different shaped and sized urns.  Today I started the painting process .. making up some interesting new colours.  Probably will use some variegated gold leaf on some of them.  Watch the gallery for new pics.

Initial Responses are promising –

Initial responses to my first emails  regarding my Eternal Urns ave been most promising — heaps of replies and several suggestions (many about pets again) .  So now I need to think about a press release, some more photographs and, it has been suggested, even a video. And I have my Facebook page on Eternal Urns up and running.

Eternal Urns

These beautiful hand painted and gilded urns are  created as individual and unique works of art. They are an extremely personal way of commemorating the passing of a loved one.

Each urn is individually designed, gilded with 23 ct goldleaf, silverleaf, copperleaf or dutch metal.  The leaf can then be varnished. distressed or treated to achieve various exquisite finishes.  The urns are unique, no two are the same.  Eternal urns  can be individually created by choosing your own colour and type of leaf.

Urns can also be personalised and are extremely ornamental works of art, which would grace any home.