The practice of gilding is the art of affixing a thin coating of metal, usually gold or silver leaf, to surfaces such as wood, gesso, paper, glass, or metal. Transforming the most  ordinary of items into unique and beautiful objects d’art with the simple applications or covering of gold or silver leaf. Applying gold leaf to paintings adds an exquisite touch of luxury and highlights details in a lush and opulent fashion.  No other technique or product will produce this luxurious effect.

1-Day Beginners Gilding Class

In this class students will be dealing with easily achievable gilding effects.

After some practice on sample boards students will be able to gild on a box, frame, painting, small statue or any other suitable item.

Students may bring along paintings of their own, or pieces (icons, boxes, statues, etc) which they would like to gild. It is advisable to contact Wendy regarding the item you wish to gild, prior to class, to check its suitability. Pieces need to be undercoated with 2 coats of Matisse “Pimento” background paint, which is flat and smooth and provides a perfect base for gold or silver leaf.

Otherwise  there will be a selection of suitable items, already prepared for gilding, which students may purchase in class.

4-Day Gilding Class

This will be a much more detailed class, where students will have the opportunity to experiment with several different kinds of gilding, including water and oil gilding, learn about some exotic finishes such as Lapis Lazuli and tortoiseshell, and learn how to varnish and polish pieces for a perfect and permanent finish.


“Wendy’s one day gilding course was the most comprehensive…”

“I developed from a clumsy student to a confident gilder in just one day…” more testimonials