Eternal Urns

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As a shrine to the memory of the life of a loved one, these beautiful  handpainted and gilded Eternal Urns are unique and completely individual.  Each  one is created indvidually, using gold and silverleaf, applied with the skill and technical expertise required to produce enduring works of art such as these.

They are an exquisite way of paying tribute to someone’s life.  They will add a thing of beauty to your home, with their elegant styling and opulent good looks.

The traditional methods of gilding have been in use since antiquity and it has always entranced with its rich opulent glow. All through the centuries, gilding has had a special place in art of decorating.  Gilded works were found in the tombs of the Pharoahs in Egypt and the court of Louis 14th at Versailles, almost a palace of gold!     Gilding is a complex, time-consuming art but the finished result is richly rewarding; only real gold and silver leaf impart this sense of luxury and create a depth of richness and luxury.

An Eternal Urn, apart from being an extremely ornamental piece,  would  perfectly fulfill the practical requirements of such a vessel.  At the same time as creating a rare and beautiful work of art for you to treasure, it would be  something  in which you have invested the reverence and respect for the memory of your loved one.